My Design Team partners with contractors and their clients to develop designs that satisfy and excite the clients and that are realistically buildable by contractors. We aim to keep the project costs in line with the client's budget while still creating engaging designs.

We break the plan process into two parts: the conceptual plan, where aesthetics, organization, and dimensions are roughed out, and the construction or building set, which includes detailed information on wiring, structure, and fixtures. My Design Team believes that developing a conceptual plan first helps insure that design particulars match the client's budget, so that few surprise expenses arise once the job is started. Once the conceptual design is refined, the contractor uses it to produce an estimate. When the client is ready to move forward, we then develop the construction set.

For clients who are having difficulty defining their project, My Design Team offers a two hour design consultation meeting. Katy, the owner of My Design Team and primary designer, meets on site with clients to discuss their needs, wants, and ideas. The clients bring their questions along with any collected pictures or materials that have inspired them. Katy answers questions, evaluates problem areas, and makes suggestions for solving design issues. Although no formal drawings are produced at this meeting, sketches to illustrate ideas are often made, and notes are usually taken. Clients are often eager to move forward to a formal design agreement with the contractor at this point.



View some of our finished projects, sample plans and videos.


Our plans are drawn in 3D so that everyone involved in a project can see what it's going to look like ahead of time. We love to work with individuals, remodeling contractors, and builders from all over the Houston Metropolitan area. 

We do everything from 2 hour design consults to offer advice about a project you are considering, to full sets of building plans for new construction and remodeling projects, including lots of 3D views so you can picture the completed project. 

Our work has been featured in the Houston Remodeling Guide, and we are proud members of the Greater Houston Builders Association and Remodeler's Council


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