My Design Team partners with contractors and their clients to develop designs that please clients and are buildable by contractors. We aim to keep the project costs in line with the client’s budget.



For clients who are having difficulty defining their project, My Design Team offers a two hour design consult.

Katy meets onsite with clients to discuss their needs, wants, and ideas. The clients bring their questions along with any collected pictures or materials that have impressed them. Katy answers questions, evaluates problem areas, and makes suggestions for solving design issues. Although no formal drawings are produced at this meeting, sketches to illustrate ideas are often made, and notes are usually taken.

Usually clients are eager to move forward to a formal design agreement with the contractor at this point.



We break the plan process into two parts: the conceptual plan and the construction or building set.

My Design Team believes that developing a conceptual plan first helps insure that design particulars match the client’s budget, so that few surprise expenses arise once the job is started. Once the design is refined the contractor uses it to produce an estimate. When the client is ready to move forward, we develop the construction set.

The Conceptual Plan
After a design contract is signed between the contractor and clients, My Design Team arranges a time to visit the client’s home to draw the existing building and discuss the project with the client. This meeting generally takes 2-4 hours. We set up a laptop on site and draw the building on our software thus insuring we have all the necessary dimensions of the existing home or interior space. After this “as-built” plan is prepared, we develop the proposed design in our office. The first online meeting is scheduled once the initial design is complete.

We use GoToMeeting® software to conduct our online meetings. All the client needs is a computer with a high speed internet connection and a telephone. The contractor is welcome to be in on the meeting as well, if desired. We are able to connect all interested parties together, even if they are in different locations- different countries even. During the meeting, the plan is viewed in both 2D (floor plan) and 3D, while the designer explains the design concept and answers any questions that arise. The client often will request changes once the plan is seen in 3D. Often we modify the plan during the meeting, although complex changes are done later. After the changes are made the client is emailed a PDF with floor plans, elevations, and 3D views of the conceptual plan, for approval. If the client requests another online meeting to see the changes, that will be scheduled. Additional minor changes are also done at this time. However, if the client decides to take the project in a totally new direction, the design contract will need to be renegotiated at this time.

When the conceptual plan is approved by the client, a detailed bidding/estimating plan is completed and printed up for the contractor. This plan does not include structural or engineering details and generally does not meet the standards for getting a permit. However, it is suitable for getting approval for the project from a homeowner’s association if required.

The Construction Set
At this point, once the client is pleased with the estimate and plan, My Design Team creates a construction set. This plan includes structural, electrical, and mechanical elements as well as site plan or other details required for obtaining a permit and building the project. We work with a structural engineer, who designs structural elements and stamps the plans. (If desired, contractors may work directly with their own engineer.) Once the plan is complete, it is printed and delivered to the contractor.



Plans are printed in house or outsourced, depending on time requirements. All plan sets are delivered to the contractor’s office or client’s home by FedEx or local courier.



Design Consult
Payment for the design consult is due immediately after the meeting. Please contact us for design consult fee information.

The Conceptual Plan
Billed in two draws. The first half is due when we begin the conceptual design plan. The balance is due upon completion of the conceptual plan. With new customers, these payments are due when services are rendered. For repeat customers we will set up an account.

The Construction Set
Payment is due upon delivery of the construction plan.



What is included in My Design Team plans?

The Conceptual Plan

  • Overview image
  • Site plan (if the project is an addition)
  • Existing demo plan (existing plan is detailed with all electrical, mechanical, cabinets, doors, windows, etc.)
  • Proposed plan
  • Exterior elevations
  • Interior elevations (with rendered images included)
  • Electrical plan
  • Electrical/mechanical plan

The Construction Set

  • The entire conceptual plan
  • Foundation plan
  • Ceiling framing plan
  • Floor framing plan
  • Roof framing plan

The plans are then printed up, signed and sealed by our engineer, Gary. The plans are then couriered to your office.
How long will this all take?

Within a week of receiving the job we set up a meeting to draw the existing house. Most of our conceptual designs are completed within two weeks of this first meeting, after which an online review is done. Requested changes are made over the next week, followed by another client review. If the plan is approved it is sent to the contractor for an estimate, the length of time this takes is determined by the contractor. If the client is happy with the estimate the contractor calls us to create the construction plan, this normally takes a week to finish.

Always allow more time if additional changes are requested.