My Design Team turned our customers’ visions into a beautiful design reality!
Larry Abbott


Katy Fernandez and My Design Team provides a service that is very necessary when considering a remodel.   Katy and her husband, Louis, came to our home to take measurements of the existing space because when she draws up the remodel plans, she provides the current state along with the desired state.   What I admire most about Katy is her knack to quickly understand the style and feel we wanted with the new space.   This was huge as it created a strong bond and trust that helped kick-start what turned out to be a smooth project.  Another thing we liked about working with Katy and her team is that her computer-generated plans allowed us to “play” with items and “see” what it would look like.    As in most remodels, challenges usually occur and Katy & Louis were very good at offering suggestions and ideas for overcoming these challenges. My husband and I truly felt like this was a great partnership and they had our best interest at heart.   I’d highly recommend Katy and My Design Team!
Susan Rogers


Hey guys,Just wanted to tell you thanks again for your help on the preliminary church plans. (Katy, sorry I didn’t get the chance to meet you too!) I went through and took about 25 ‘shots’ and the rest of the building committee was very pleased. Our presentation is not until the end of March, but I know these shots will help tremendously. The whole experience has gotten me excited about the program again.
Jill A. Bryant



Dear Louis,We at Edmiston Design Build wanted to that you for your design assistance over the phone. Blair really appreciated the personal attention on the matter and found your advice very helpful.Once again, we really appreciate your time and consideration. Look forward to working with you again.



Dear Katy + Louis,I’m so glad you were able to come by Friday to see how your design came to fruition. As you predicted, the new kitchen has turned cooking from a chore to a pleasure. I’m looking forward to making the “Hinty Minty Brownies” from my Cocoa Lovers Assortment.

All the best,Christi Todd


Hi Louis,It is all done.The final plans you sent were fantastic. I will send high compliments to Jeff Hunt and copy you as soon as the HOA approves the plan. Both Karen and I have discuss the high level of expertise and professionalism that you have provided to us during you design work. It has truly been a pleasure working with you.As soon as the HOA signs off on the plan, I will send my highly favorable comments to Jeff about your service.Both Karen and I thank you very much for the wonderful plan, design and great detail to you work.


Wow, the plan you designed was approved in 24 hours by our HOA. What a great job you did in working with Karen and I. Every part of your service was timely, professional and exemplary. Both Karen and I are amazed at the design and the 3 dimensional creativity of your service. Karen and I are very happy with the quality of your design and the rapid responses you provided to us during the design process.

John T. Allison



Dear Louis & Katy:From all us here at Brothers Strong, we would like to thank you for what we felt was a wonderful open house event Friday. And of course, it simply would not have been possible without you and your support. We do not take your support for granted and look forward to bucking the economy and having a great 2009!

Tommy, Michael, Don, Jeff


I have made the remark more than once to both fellow workers and homeowner’s that your plans have beaten any I personally have ever worked with and I have seen a few in my time.

Doug Wayland